Izzy as a puppy.  Isn't he cute!

"It's been almost five years now since Cindy was recommended tome as just the person who could help in my search for a new poodle.  A phone call revealed it was perfect timing - one of her standard poodles was expecting.  After many e-mails and some anxious weeks of anticipation, the arrival of a healthy litter of three male pups was proclaimed.  My husband Kelly and I went to meet Cindy and her wonderful poodles.  To make the fateful selection-- a puff of downy chocolate fuzz who was to become Izzy Brown.  He has since morphed into a handsome silver beige (or maybe delicious mocha latte?  At thirty pounds, he's a small standard with spirit and perfect proportions.

Some highlights of Izzy's many ways of being: 

  • Endlessly retrieving the green ball,
  • Sprawling in presumptuous comfort across his favorite chair, 
  • quivering his fluffy globe tail in happiness, 
  • bark barking at pesky deer, 
  • wrestling with our black poodle, 
  • sitting still pondering the universe,
  • crossing from here to there in the proverbial poodle prance,
  • noodling his favorite toy with teeny bites,
  • and of course enduring hugs from morning to night. 

All of his poses give us daily delight.  Izzy Brown had a great start in life because Cindy has always provided a loving home for her beautiful pampered poodles. 

And because of Cindy's care and attention,  Izzy is thriving in our home today." -Izzy's Human


"Ace is an absolutely fabulous dog and addition to our family! He is so affectionate and sweet. And adorable !! Thank you for all the love and care you put into your puppies and poodles" -Elizabeth


"Bear is doing great!! He and Tucker are having a day of getting the pecking order inline. Our family is now complete. Porkchop and Bear are best buddies now!! I understand how hard it must be to place such a great dog. We love him!! He has slept with us every night and is very well behaved. Thanks again!! God Bless you!!" -Kevin

Pictures below are of Poppy.

Hi Cindy:

I wanted to pass along our gratitude to you for entrusting Poppy with us. When I first contacted you, my heart was broken because I had just recently lost my 12 year old Lhasa Apso. We had decided not to get another Lhasa because it would feel like I was trying to replace my Sara. I had a miniature poodle from the Ravendune Poodles when I was growing up. He was the best dog! We thought another poodle may be just what we were looking for. Thus, began my search of search for reputable breeders of miniature poodles in my area. I quickly realized there were not many in Michigan. I was referred to you from a breeder of standard poodles. That breeder told me you are one of the very few miniature poodle breeders in our state! When I contacted you for the first time, you were so kind and were willing to answer any and all of my questions. You told me you had a litter of Moyen Poodles, and my heart sank a little, as I was looking for a miniature poodle. You said “but… I have Poppy, who is probably going to stay more within the miniature size”. Poppy was the smallest in the litter, but the feistiest  We decided to come to your house and see Poppy. I’m so glad we made that decision back in March 2015. We left your house that day with a 4 pound little black poodle who was a ball of curls. You offered your assistance with any questions we may have as Poppy adjusted to her new home with us. I have to say, that I not only got a poodle that day, but I also gained a friend in you!

Poppy just turned a year old, and she is amazing! She is about 15” and weighs about 14 lbs. She is from Honey’s first litter, with Tyler. Let me just tell you…Honey makes the best babies  I cannot tell you how many people stop us and tell Poppy how beautiful she is (it has given her quite a little ego!) I take her into a store, and sometimes, it takes us twice as long to get through the store because of all the people who stop and want to play with her. Poppy has yet to meet anyone she doesn’t love. She loves to play with all of her favorite toys…and the squeakier they are, the better in her eyes! Poppy is so smart, too. I took her for obedience lessons and she learned very quickly how to heel, auto sit, sit, stay, lie down, and come when called. Even her obedience instructor was always commenting on how smart Poppy is. Having Poppy over the last year has been such an immense joy. I cannot even put it into words how grateful we are to you and your family for investing your life in the showing and breeding of these beautiful poodles!

Take care,

The Nowakowski Family