The Rainbow Bridge
This has been a tough year so far we have lost Delilah's Charm our 1st show standard, Rosie our sweet red pet my son got when stationed in Colorado and now our sweet Sparkle.  Hoping and praying this is all for 2017 I don't think my heart cam take another loss.
It is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet.
When we do, we hold them in our arms, tell them
how much they are loved and always will be.
Then we will meet again in a place where there
is not pain or sorrow.

The picture of our black standard is of Rocky.  He was my son's dog.  Only I took him to work with me everyday.  He led the Brooklyn Dog Days parade for several years.  He was  our smiling dog.  He passed over the bridge at 13 years of age.

My favorite picture on the left.  Rocky and Lily.   I kept putting the Santa hat on Rocky's head and he would slowly tip his head down till it fell off.  Finally I was able to get this picture.   R.I.P.    My two beautiful standard.  You are in our thoughts every day.
The picture below is of sweet Jenna. 
Our 1st rescue a beautiful blue small
standard poodle.  My heart dog.
This is a picture of our other rescue girl "Lily".  She is greatly missed.