If you think you might be interested in the future for one of our "retired" or re-homed poodles please get on our waiting list.


                                               Below is an example of one of our dogs that we made available to a pet home.

Very rarely do we have a poodle  from our breeding returned to us.   It can happen, if it does we do our very best to reevaluate the poodle.  Fine a safe loving home that the dogs deserves.  Where they receive the proper care and attention they deserve. 

Please read the story below as an example.

One such example was a person who bought one of our beautiful boys, but do to a personal health situation they were unable to keep the poodle.  We immediately took him back and had our Vet. check him out.  We did our own evaluation and worked with him.  Turns out he was a very nice dog.  We would have loved to keep him ourselves but, you can't keep them all.  We knew he would be a wonderful pet.  We knew just who to start a conversation with as potential owners.
 We called someone who already owned one of our dogs from the same litter.  Asking if they would be interest in him.  I explained all about him and they were very excited to see him.  Actually they were seriously considering calling us as they were getting ready for their next poodle.  He now lives in a wonderful home with his poodle brother and family.   Above are two pictures of handsome "Teddy Bear".
Thank you for checking.  Please stop by again.