How we became Poodle People.
Our 1st poodle pup, Mischia was a abstract  - black with a white star on her front.  She was a small standard poodle (Moyen).  Sadly she was exposed to parvo.   Canine parvovirus is an acute, highly contagious disease of dogs that was first described in the early 1970s. The virus has a tendency to attack rapidly reproducing cells, such as those lining the gastrointestinal tract.   It was a fast and horrible death at that time we were helpless.  Now there is a vaccine.  Please, get this vaccine for your dogs, I can't stress this enough.

My vet went on a mission to find us a replacement, and she did!
The picture on the left is of our standard poodle puppy "Ducky" and me taken in 1980.  I did not grow up with dogs but, my husband's family had a white miniature poodle named.... wait for it GiGi.  My husband (and our kids) are allergic to the dander from dog fur,  that is why they had a poodle.  Poodles have HAIR!  Ducky was an amazing dog.  When walking my daughter (who was then a toddler a German Shepherd charged us.  Ducky with her bright red nails and bows sent him away.  She protected myself & our little girl.  I had no idea at the time that poodles can not only be a great family dog but also can be a watch dog and protect.   

From doing obedience classes Ducky , I went on (years later) to get my 1st show dog.  Delilah's Charm in 2008.  I fell in love with grooming, training and showing.  My husband has helped out in the show ring many times.  A year or so after Delilah, we got our 1st Miniature show poodle,  DeRay's Sampson who became UKC GrandChampion DeRay's Sampson.   We have found the Miniature and the Moyen/Klein's to be a good fit  for us.  They are very intelligent, fun, outgoing dogs that want to please & enjoy being apart of the family.  If you enjoy laughing and doing fun things with your dog, these are the dogs for you.  They can live from 12 -15 years, also excelling not only as a beloved pet/companion but, also in performance events and conformation venues.   It is well known in the Poodle community that Miniature Poodles have the fewest health issues.   These are two are the sizes of poodle we enjoy and are concentrating on in our breeding program.  We take our breeding program very seriously,  bringing new life into this world and all the responsibilites that it entails.  

So it is in Mischia & Ducky's memory we carefully research, select, health test, breed your next poodle.

Just a side note - We have had and enjoyed two rescue dogs.  Not all dogs  and puppies are as loved and well treated in this world as we treat ours, from birth to the "Rainbow Bridge".